Toddler Stroll Forest Bathing

Ground Connect Rejuvenate

6 week Group course

Have you ever just watched your toddler explore? Have you noticed how completely absorbed they are in the world around them? How they adore the present moment with no hesitation about the next; just simply responding to their body and impulses.They see and feel the world around them with curiosity and wonder, exploration and adventure and all of the senses are engaged. There are no pre-conceived ideas and they just watch the world unfold.

Instead of accidentally training our little ones out of this full bodied moment we can harness and empower where they are at. This is where we as adults strive to get back to!!!

There is a lesson in full body awareness.

A place where we allow ourselves to slow down. No stress from the past or of the future, just here and now. 

This 6 week Group course will guide you back into your body and help you access the present moment. It will help you adore the deep connections with self and with your child(ren).  Through the medium of nature, breath and our children WE CAN ACHIEVE THIS AWARENESS.

We’ll get grounded, we’ll slow down and we’ll become present for ourselves and the little ones we treasure most. By letting our toddlers take the lead we can step into our present and power.

Young children live in the present moment and see the World from a place of wonder. When we slow down and let go,  we can learn from their power and let them be our teachers. We can feel the peace of the present moment, along with the amazing benefits of being amongst nature.

Lets reap the benefits mother earth provides and find the peace, passion, and power we yearn for.


Toddler Stroll Forest Bathing 6 week course involves:

  • 6 weekly 60 minute Strolls with your toddler.
  • Tuesday mornings 10:30 - 12:30
  • Guidance, meditation, visualisations throughout the stroll.
  • Connect with other like minded Strollers.
  • Access to the Toddler Stroll Forest Bathing Facebook group.


What this Course will cover:

As Nature, our Children and Ourselves are always changing, each session will unfold in alignment with what is needed on the day. 

First part of the course focuses on ourselves and our own soothing and nourishment.



 Week 1

Conscious Breath: Learn how to breathe in a way that soothes, nourishes and enlivens you.

Get Grounded: I’ll guide you using grounding techniques to get back into your body and become centred.


Week 2

Slowing down to stillness: We’ll look at how we move and how we can use movement to help us slow down, drop into the present moment, soothe the nervous system and open the heart. 

The Gift of Tender Touch: Learning how to soften and treat ourselves with tenderness.



Week 3

Open up the senses: We’ll use the senses to awaken the body to the experience of being amongst the trees and in nature. Using the skills we’ve learned in previous weeks to  ground; our experience then, of the present moment becomes richer, clearer, and more fulfilling.



Week 4

Follow our child: Using our new found awareness we centre and tune into the ebb and flow of our child/ren, allowing them to lead. Only guiding, teaching, questioning when invited do so by them.

Be the observer! you’ll be amazed at what you see!!!!


Week 5

Observing our tendencies: Now we have found stillness and presences we have the opportunity to see our learned behaviour and tendencies and how this impacts our parenting. 


Week 6

 Practice week. A chance to bring it all together and practice the techniques from the previous weeks.




Course Investment

Introductory offer

£48 in advance 1 X PAYMENT





Benefits of Forest Bathing


Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body's Natural Killer (NK) cells.

Reduced blood pressure

Reduced stress

Improved mood

Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD

Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness

Increased energy level

Improved sleep


Benefits from regular practice include.


Deeper and clearer intuition

Increased flow of energy

Increased capacity to communicate with the land and its species

Increased flow of eros/life force

Deepening of friendships

Overall increase in sense of happiness.