What is Health Coaching?

Still relatively new but becoming more and more common, Health Coaching is just that, Coaching clients on all aspects of their Health.
Just like athletes have a coach to be at the very top of their game, more and more people are investing in their health and well being by working with a Health Coach. And just like sports coaches specialise in their area of expertise, Swimming, javelin etc, it is the same for Health Coaches, some specialise in healthy weight loss, others in hormone health and autoimmune disease,  or Women's Wellness to name but a few. Every coach works differently bringing their own passions and experience to the table.

As well as working in areas of nutrition a Health Coach will also work with you on your Primary foods - the other areas of your life that feed you; relationships, career, movement, spirituality.
A coach will support you to gain clarity on who you really are and what you really want in life. Bringing your desires and dreams into the forefront and guiding you to align your everyday life with these desires.

We do not tell you what to do we create the space, time and questioning to guide you deeper towards your own truth, making small changes that release you from the layers of conditioning you have picked up along the way - other people’s opinions, voices and fears. A coach will help you uncover thought patterns and beliefs that are not in alignment with your truth and desires.

When You can hear your own voice, live your life on your terms and free yourself from fears that are holding you back you become lighter, have more energy and experience the joy that is already inside of you.