I first stepped on the path of a Bodyworker and healer back in 1995. During my whole childhood up until early adulthood I had used my body to the fullest being a dancer and playing sports. During my final years of dance training I kept getting injured and my potential career as a dancer came to an end. 

This set the stage for the journey I am now on, exploring and researching the bodies natural ability to heal and the things that can pull the body out of balance hindering optimal health. Initially I looked into the body’s structures working on the soft tissues to reduce injury and aid recovery and I’ve been a practicing
Sports Massage Therapist and Advanced Sports Therapist since 2002.

It soon became clear to me that although these therapies can be excellent there seemed to be something missing. And I discovered the mind body connection, this thing called energy that runs through our bodies and all
around us and the profound affect mental attitude can have on recovery.

My commitment to personal development, exploring the mind body connection and how the body heals has led me to become a Master LaStone therapist, Reiki healer, explore the Alexander Technique through workshops for therapists and most recently became a Health Coach with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I use a blend of techniques within my treatments focusing on postural alignment, deep tissue techniques, sports massage techniques and modalities to initiate the healing response within the body. Every treatment is tailored to the individual needs of the client to promote healing through a balance of mind, body and spirit.

60 and 90 minute treatments available. To arrange a consultation or find out more, please click here.



Being a doctor of chiropractic I’ve been lucky enough to experience many different forms of massage, physical and manual therapy and moreover lucky enough to be in the privileged opinion of being able to say what really helps. Lisa’s Deep Stone therapy was a deeply relaxing journey; she was able to exactly target the areas of tension in my muscles and joints. Through her use of heat and cold, deeper relaxation was possible without the effects of post treatment soreness.

Until now I believed the best tool for manipulating muscle was the human hand, however, certain fascial planes and distortions felt better addressed with her huge range of smooth tooled stones that glided better, worked on the whole of the tissue and were consistently
strong (when desired) and never tired.

The added element of appropriately applied heat or cold allowed for reflex relaxations releasing tension and flushing sore or tight tissues with healing blood. The potential of this form of therapy has yet to be fully realised by the manual and medical professions.

In addition Lisa also had stones supporting and heating my spinal joints throughout part of the 60 minute duration of the treatment which had more advantages than I can list in this testimonial, but certainly added to the holistic approach of the treatment.

Finally, I must say although I am extremely critical of many energy based treatments and “alternative medicine” I left with an uplifted sense of well being and increased energy. I will certainly return.
— Robin Marshall DC MSc BSc BSc
I have been a client of Lisa for some time, for therapy following surgery; and now don’t really need to tell her where my aches or pains are as she is able to zone in on them. She is extremely intuitive and skilful and able to work on appropriate muscles to alleviate pains. Lisa has infinite patience, relaxation is not my strong point and she has worked steadily to enable me to achieve this.
I can only say that I am so pleased to have found her.
— Angela