right action

List or not to list…...

I have just spent what feels like a very  productive hour writing lists and then acting on them!

This is something I very rarely do preferring to, Be free and go with the flow!! Writing lists just takes me into ALL the things I think I should be doing or never get round to doing so I slip into a bubble of avoidance, ifI can't see it, it's not there kind of avoidance. And why write a list that i'll forget to look at or not feel like acting upon in the future??? 

However something feels different today, I can't quite put my finger on it but writing a blog post for my new website is something that has been floating around in my energy field for a while ( see I have lists they just clog up my energy field and mind waiting to manifest). 

Writing on a physical piece of paper seems to bring the transitory, un- tangible idea into this present moment and here I sit achieving one of the many ideas that floats around in my head, here I am writing a Blog post!! I didn't know that this was the subject I'd be talking to you about today and guess what? there's freedom and flow in the way that I'm writing to you…something that has been such a procrastination for me…… I have a belief that everything happens exactly when and how it's supposed to, if it's supposed to happen at all, and no amount of pushing, forcing, beating yourself up and will power will make it so until it is ready to be so. If only my ego shared that belief as well ;-)

 Tosha Silver the Author of Outrageous Openness. Letting the Divine take the lead talks in her book about "allowing right action to arise".

I never fully understood what that would feel like and if I'd recognise 'right action' if indeed it did arise. Well here it is free flowing-ish and feeling amazing!! All initiated by the motivation to write myself a list (I prefer to title it " What I would like to achieve" rather than a 'To DO' list), get the busy scattered musings out of my head and onto some paper to be witnessed. Sometimes the action can be small but the movement it creates can be vast. 

Yes I will write lists again and may even look at and act on the other things on my list, it really is a great tool for getting things out of your head and into real life so to speak. I will however wait for 'right action' to motivate me into doing so… I can already feel the seeds of fresh ideas for another post starting to fill my mind… i may just write them down ;-)